Swami Veda's guidance to Teachers

Swami Veda Bharati spoke this words of wisdom to new and old teachers at the Teachers Training retreat at St. Thomas University, Minnesota, on July 30, 2011 .”I sit for three hours or longer of meditation, so that I have something to give you.  Being a teacher means being a master of one’s emotions; not fluttering all the time.  Without that you cannot give unconditional love.  Your love will be stained and those stains will cause strains between you and your students. There are two great qualifications for a teacher in our tradition.  One is the practice of meditation and the other is ‘samatvam -balance or equanimity; not going up and down all the time; because then it is your being that teaches. “Samatvam yoga ucchate” -Yoga is Balance. Remember these qualities of a teacher.
Patanjali never issued any certificates and I don’t have any yoga teacher’s certificates. Can I join the next TTP? (laughter)
So it is not the certificates that your teachers give you; but the certificate that your students give you -that is your certificate.  And what is that certificate? That when they come to the class first day, they felt loved.  I want to see every one of you receive that certificate. Remember that a student is not someone who has registered for your classes; or someone who have paid you or your center a fee.  Everyone who is walking on the street and you see that he is looking downtrodden with lines of conflict on his face is your student.  That is, to any and every one, it is your duty to reduce his or her levels of inner conflicts; whoever you come across.
Wherever you see conflict between two people, pacifying them by pacifying yourself and then smiling or speaking.  This is the essence of being teacher.  I wish you success."


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