Thought Bite: Long Haul

Originally published in 2014, this is a message I felt bears repeating.

These days, many things are done quickly. The internet has put vast amounts of information at our instant command. There is pressure to do things quickly, to chalk up results, to become an expert overnight.

Certainly some things can be done or learned quickly. But many activities, perhaps the truly important ones, take time.

This is on my mind these days because, although I've learned and practiced Yoga-meditation for more than 25 years, the growth and learning continues and it's clear to me that there is a very long road ahead. I'm still a beginner.

Many years ago an Aikido master told me that it takes ten years to just begin to understand the basics of his martial art. The goal is not to just know the movements and practices, but to experience and have mastery over yourself.

Becoming a master of any art takes time, and all the more so when practicing a self-transformative art such as Yoga and martial arts.

If we want to come to full bloom, then, at least for some things, we need to stick with them for a very long time. If we don't take enough time, the knowledge won't ripen. Only with steadfast dedication will we gain the depth that is possible with full dedication over the long haul.


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