Thought Bite: Independence

Originally published in 2014, this is a message I felt bears repeating.

Are you independent?

By this, I do not mean to ask whether you are independent from the influence or authority of others, such as family, work supervisors, or government. Instead, I'm wondering if you are independent of your false-self, also known as the ego?

Probably it's not a fair question because it's easy to imagine one is independent from ego even when being totally under ego's thrall.

Those who are truly independent of the false-self are extremely rare. They are people who have overcome attachment to their bodily desires and have found and become one with the Center of Consciousness. They are Self-realized.

All of us can be independent in this way; but doing so requires shifting our identification away from our habits, mental patterns, idenfications, and desires to the pure being which we are in our core. Doing this requires mastery of oneself, and awareness of oneself on all levels.

Interested? Yoga-meditation is a path to such awareness and mastery.


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