Thought Bite: What is Your Foundation in Life?

Originally written in 2103, this is a message that I felt bears repeating.

One day, a long time ago when I was still a child, I saw a vast excavation going on where a building was to be erected. I remember asking my mother why they were digging that hole, and she told me that it was for the building's foundation. As I watched that spot over the coming weeks, I saw the workers build a sturdy reinforced concrete structure that would support the building from underneath. This taught me the importance of a strong foundation.

Having a strong foundation is important for people too. Perhaps few people ever think of having a foundation for themselves, yet don't we all want and need something that we can stand on, some rock bottom solidity that supports us and gives us strength through all of the winds and waves of life?

Have you ever thought about this? What is your foundation? Do you have one? Many people, when asked, might say that their foundation is their family, their work, or their loving relationships.

But things in the world like family, work, and relationships are always changing, always moving. They are not solid like a concrete and steel foundation, but rather in constant change. If we build the structure of our life upon them, it's like constructing the building of our life upon sand. If we have such a foundation, when the world moves, it shakes us to the core.

So what to do? Some people, realizing that material things and relationships are always changing, might say their life is built upon an idea or an ideal, such as love, or upon a mission in life. These mental focuses can provide meaning in life and quite a sense of steadiness. However, being merely thoughts in the head, they can only go so far. Human love has its limitations, missions end. Then what?

Millions of people found their lives upon spiritual faith. Some do this consciously, and others do it unconsciously. Much more than an idea, faith is a felt experience, blending emotion, thought, and meaning. Faith links us with the deep yearning within the human heart for communion with something deeper and greater than ourselves. Yet, even faith, if it is only based upon what we learn from books and others, does not provide an ultimate foundation. Life brings many tests, and a time may come when we lose confidence in our beliefs, when we lose faith.

Yet there is another kind of faith, a faith that arises naturally from direct experience of our Inner Self, the true root of our being, which is like a perennial spring of love in our heart. When based upon this sort of direct experience, faith becomes unshakable. Those great yogis who have the direct experience of the inner-Divine develop faith that is firm like a mountain. Then all fears and doubts vanish, and it is possible to remain steady through all of the ups and downs of life. This type of faith provides a firm and durable foundation for life.

One way to this ultimate faith is through the path of meditation. Over time, with regular practice, a meditator begins to get inklings of something deeper than his or her body, thoughts, and emotions. These inklings are the beginning of the path to removing all doubts.

When will you begin your quest to build such a foundation?


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