Thought Bite: Be Like a Flower

Originally written in 2012, this is a message of kindness that I felt bears repeating.

be like a flower postToday I am choosing to be like a flower. What does this mean? Well, a flower is beautiful, provides food to other beings, sweetens the air with its fragrance.

It's a gift to the world.

That's what I am choosing to do today - to brighten people that come in contact with me with smiles, to nourish them with kindness, and to sweeten their day by listening to them.

Today, I've giving my time and energy as a gift to the world.

Honestly, this sounds challenging, and it's a challenge I want and need.

You're invited to do this experiment with me. If you do, please send a message on how how the experiment goes.


19 Dec 2021;
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