Thought Bite: Happiness is Not Found in Objects

A message from 2019 that I felt bears repeating now.

In his book titled, Sadhana, The Essence of Spiritual Life, on page 65, Swami Rama says, “An outwardly oriented mind runs from one object to another, hoping to find peace and happiness in the external world.”

But peace and lasting happiness cannot be obtained from worldly objects because they are always changing. In addition, the one grasping at the objects is similarly constantly changing. So, either the objects change and no longer give pleasure, or the person changes and wants something different. Thus, the never-ending frustration of grasping at thing after thing continues, but peace and happiness remain distant dreams. Have you noticed this to be true?

inner world and outer worldLove, peace, and happiness are inner experiences and come from the inside rather than from objects in the world. It is said in Yoga philosophy that the very nature of the human soul is love, peace and joy. Coming into connection with that soul is where the treasure is at last found.

Seeking oneness with the soul does not require going into some cave and no longer taking part in the world. Instead, one may continue to live and operate in the world. He or she no longer looks to objects for fulfillment but rather seeks peace and happiness from the inner source.

These days many people equate Yoga with the physical practice of postures and imagine that it is for the purpose of having a shapely healthy body. It can result in those things. But such a view comes from an outwardly oriented mind. If, instead, those same postures are done to shift the awareness inside, to deeply relax and to come into touch with the inner being, then hatha Yoga can be a step toward an inner reorientation of mind. Hatha Yoga can be a first step to continued inner exploration. There are many more steps to traverse before one at last communes with the inner light, but each step brings one closer to that ultimate treasure.


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