Thought Bite: Every Day, a New Opportunity

Originally posted in 2012, this is a message that I felt bears repeating.

Every day brings a new opportunity to become a little less attached, a little more free, a little more happy. Some days flow effortlessly and are pleasant. Other days present challenges, and these days are not always pleasant. I've learned that the challenging days present the valuable opportunities.

In his book, Sacred Journey, Swami Rama said that "The keys to growth lie in those relationships and situations that give us the most discomfort."

"These relationships and situations repeat themselves, not out of bad luck, or 'bad karma', but because uncomfortable situations and relationships represent barriers to our freedom. Freedom comes when we overcome these self-created barriers."

This is true. The key is to learn to remain calm, centered, and even happy when facing the challenges. Then they no longer block our happiness, and we become more free.


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