Thought Bite: Beyond Time

Originally posted in 2015, this is a message that I felt bears repeating.

According to Yoga Philosophy, the True Self, purusha, is infinite, always existent, and beyond time. Have you ever wondered what is meant by “beyond time?”

What we call time is a convenience to measure change. If nothing changed, if everything stayed exactly the same, how and why would we measure time?

Think about it.

If clock hands didn't move (change), if digital readouts didn't change, how would we measure time?

If nothing changed, if bodies didn't age, if milk didn't turn sour when out in the heat, then why would we care about time?

It is because change is an inherent attribute of prakrti, of the material world, that the idea of time arises. Because things change, it appears that there is time. But time does not exist apart from the ever-changing material world.

So the True Self, purusha, which is infinite, unchanging and beyond the material world, can be said to be beyond time.


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