Thought Bite: Challenges Create Opportunity

Difficult times like those which we’ve been living through this past year, with rampant disease, political upheaval, and economic challenge, offer us an opportunity to choose whether to react unconsciously with agitation, anger and fear, or to discover a deeper place within ourselves from which we maintain serenity and happiness.

The Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition provides tools to enable the second choice, but each must do the practice to make it happen.

Relaxation practices, breathing practices, and meditative practices are central to this quest. Not only do they create relaxation and serenity in our minds and bodies, but also, the calm and insight they produce allows a greater possibility to consciously choose our actions rather than acting out unconsciously—and by changing our actions, i.e., by changing our karma, we change our experiences.


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Full Moon Meditation 2020