Guest Thought Bite: Whys

Charles B Crenshaw JrThis week's thought bite is a poem by guest author, Charles B. Crenshaw. He is co-founder of Inner Peace Yoga in Indianapolis, Indiana. The poem is being used with Charles' permission.


Why have I traveled this ancient path,
seeking truths great souls have sought?
It was the path of Dr. Martin Luther King,
and for these truths I saw him shot.

Why is it I travel this path?
Will it help the world to change?
It was the path of Mahatma Gandhi,
and for these truths we killed him, strange.

Why do I persevere on this path?
“I am the Truth”, it was once said.
It was the path of the martyr Hallaj,
and for these truths we killed him dead.

Mistake me for martyr? Don’t!

But by the meditative way I seek
to see reality through their eyes,
to know reality through their hearts,
and this is the answer in my life to Whys!

Copyright, 2020, Charles B Crenshaw Jr


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Full Moon Meditation 2020