Thought Bite: Question and Answer #4

Occasionally, students or others send questions via email or social media and they are answered. Here is one that may be of general interest: 


But as a true enlightened teacher can guide us from A to Z, why not have a teacher? Also, I told you about my friend who committed suicide after going home from a 5 month stay with Swami Veda at the ashram. Why did that happen?


If someone is on the path, initiated, has connection to the Guru, they still have their karma, their samskaras, which drive them to act. Because your friend was in India with Swami Veda, perhaps he killed himself five months later than he would otherwise have done, or a year later. Who knows. As I said in my previous comment, the Guru does not take away our samskaras; we have to contend with them. Those who are initiated, who spend time with a great teacher, may receive wisdom, but the clamor of our samskaras might drown out the whispers that come from the soul. But someone on the path at least has a chance to access wisdom. Whether they do or not depends on their will and their samskaras.

Also, you said that the Guru can guide us from A to Z, but it should not be assumed that one must be in the teacher's presence to be so guided. Swami Rama taught that much of the teaching comes "in the silence." In the silence of meditation and of a silent mind. I am not saying not to want to have a teacher and to be in his/her presence, but very few people can even go to spend time with the teacher and even if one is able to do so, the time there is limited. The teacher has many students and can’t spend much time with any in particular.



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