Thought Bite: A Sudden Peace

News reports from around the world indicate that the COVID-19 lock downs, requiring people to shelter in their homes and not venture out, have had an astonishing effect on the environment. Suddenly the world is quieter. The seawater has turned clear in Venice—and fish can be seen swimming in it. The air is clear in New Delhi. Nitrogen dioxide levels have dropped in the atmosphere over China. Carbon dioxide pollutants have greatly decreased. Particulate air-pollutants decreased by 40% in San Francisco. Seismic vibrations have decreased world-wide. Suddenly, birds seem louder.

This transformation of our outer environment is the result of curtailing human activity world-wide.

A similarly beneficial transformation awaits you in the inner environment of your mind.

Imagine what transformation would occur if the unending mental activity were curtailed—even for a short time. Might there be more clarity, more peace, more joy? Might one hear the whisperings of intuition? Might one experience true peace?

Would you like to experience this?

You can.

The process to do so is called meditation. Start today.


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Full Moon Meditation 2020