Thought Bite: A New Year’s Lesson

Once, many years ago, I was at Swami Rama's Sadhana Mandir Ashram in Rishikesh, and it was a holiday---New Year’s Eve, I think.

Everyone gathered in the meditation room to sing kirtan with Swami Rama, which was very exciting. I found an Indian drum, a tabla, and thought I'd play it.

When taking hold of the drum, I glanced across the room and saw Swami Rama looking straight at me, and the expression on his face said "isn't he cute," as if I were a toddler who was about to bang on a drum.

In thinking about this incident later, I realized that playing the tabla requires years of dedicated study and discipline, which I didn't have. Indeed, I was like a little child with that drum. This incident taught me about the necessity of training and practice in many aspects of life.

It amazes me that one glance from the Master could have such a profound effect.


19 Dec 2021;
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