Thought Bite: Get Prepared

One time I screwed up my courage, walked up to Swami Rama, and asked if he'd teach me to meditate. "YES," he said. I felt thrilled.

Then he said, "Are you prepared?" I didn't know whether I was prepared or not and told him so. He said, "Get prepared and I will teach you!" The lesson of the story is, if you want the Master to teach you, first do all of the sadhana necessary to reach the level where you can receive and retain the lesson.

This preparation is called adhikara. One needs a certain adhikara to receive any spiritual lesson. To practice advanced meditation, one needs to have accomplished several basic skills including being able to sit for an extended time with head, neck and spine aligned while remaining still; breathing smoothly, deeply and diaphragmatically with no jerks or stops; allowing the body to be deeply relaxed; keeping mind focused and relatively still and quiet. The would-be meditator also needs to learn to pacify his or her emotions so that they don’t cause the mind to waver from resting on the object of meditation.

Learning these basic skills can take years. Until they are learned, true, deep, meditation is not possible.

Once, however, they are mastered, then one might have the adhikara for a more advanced lesson.

So, if you want to go deeper---practice and master the basics. Only then can the more advanced lesson be given. This is why it is said, “when the student is ready the master appears.” Another way of saying the same thing would be “when the student has the adhikara, the master appears.” 


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