Thought Bite: How To Find More Happiness

A message from 2015 that I felt bears repeating.

So often we tie our happiness to things. But are things really the source of our happiness? If you were to take everything you had, all your things - your clothes, your house, your car, everything, and give them away - could you be happy?

You came into the world with nothing and you'll leave the same way. In between, you have a relationship with things. Beyond the basic necessities of life, are they necessary for your happiness?

Many thousands of people have renounced excess things. They are the swamis, monks, and nuns of all spiritual and religious traditions. Some of them are extremely happy; far happier than the average person. Others not so much. 

Simply renouncing belongings doesn’t grant happiness; otherwise all of the renunciates would be happy. But why are the few happy?

The few are happy because, through their intensive spiritual practices and Grace, they’ve discovered happiness inside of themselves, unrelated to external things.

According to Yoga philosophy, our true Self has the nature of bliss. In other words, joy, happiness, bliss is who we are on the deepest level and we don’t need any thing to experience it.

Our attachment to things blocks the experience of our innate bliss. Not the things themselves, but our emotional attachment to them. This is why vairagya, letting go of attachments, is a central practice of Yoga. Those who’ve mastered vairagya are well along the path to discovering and experiencing the bliss of the True Self.

So, if you’d like to experience more happiness, start lessening your grasping at things. 


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