Thought Bite: Overcoming Loneliness

A message from 2016 that I felt bears repeating.

Have you ever felt lonely? The great Himalayan sage Swami Rama called loneliness, "the greatest of all diseases.”

When we feel lonely, we want to be around others. But do they take away the loneliness? Not always. The world is full of people and it’s still easy to feel lonely in their midst. So then we look to those we love or who love us. Sometimes we feel content with them, but other times we feel lonely. Swami Rama said, “You will remain lonely as long as you depend on external crutches. You are always lonely even if you are with many people. You try not to be lonely by getting married and establishing a home. You have all the means, yet you are lonely. Why are you lonely?”

Maybe we’re lonely because we are looking in the wrong place, at the wrong things, to take away the loneliness.

“If you know the friend within, you will never be lonely. You are lonely when you isolate yourself from the whole by constantly identifying yourself with the objects of your mind and the objects of the world.” But you, in your essence, are not those things. Swami Rama said, “When you learn to be alone, but all in one, then you will not be lonely.”

Quotes are from Swami Rama, Samadhi, The Highest State of Wisdom, Pp. 175.


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