Thought Bite: The Rhythm of Life

A message from 2017 that I felt bears repeating.

When I was younger, before starting to learn and practice the science of Yoga, rhythm was not part of my life. I'm not referring to music. Rather, I mean that there wasn't a rhythm of basic activities in my life: When I awoke, when I retired for the day, when I ate – none of these things were rhythmic. 

It was not until I traveled to India in the early 1990's and stayed for more than a month at Swami Rama's Ashram—Sadhana Mandir—that I experienced the benefits of a rhythmic life. At the ashram, I woke at a particular time, meditated at a set time, ate at a definite time, had tea and took an afternoon walk at a certain time, and went to bed at the same time every night. After living such a rhythmic schedule for just a few weeks, I began to appreciate it. My body came to know when to arise, when to eat, etc., and this led to a sense of wellbeing, calmness and relaxation.

That my body liked living rhythmically makes sense. The mind and body evolved with built-in rhythms. We call them bio-rhythms and they control such things as how awake we feel, our digestion, our elimination.  When we don't live according to a regular rhythm, the body, striving to adjust to the changes, is in a way stressed. When we live rhythmically, the body can settle into the rhythm and simply live. 

After returning from the Sadhana Mandir that first time, I strove to build more and more rhythm into my daily schedule. Doing so is very comforting.


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