Thought Bite: Taking to Silence

Originally posted in 2016, a message that I felt bears repeating.

There is an age old spiritual practice of taking to silence.
The practice begins with not talking, but that’s just the first step.
The deeper practice is silencing the mind.

As one practices silence of the mouth, not having to think of the next thing to say, the mind naturally begins to quiet down.

By mentally repeating a mantra throughout the day, the mind becomes concentrated, and further quiets. Yes, the mantra thought is there, but all of the other distracting thoughts diminish.

Many years ago I engaged in a 40-day silence retreat. 
No talking for 40 days! 
It may sound boring but it wasn’t. Rather, it was deeply nourishing.
As my chattering mind became quiet, my heart began to open and delight became a daily experience.

The inner-silence was like a soothing bath in which I lived.
Smiles naturally came to my lips for no outer cause.
The inner-silence nurtured me like a mother.
I felt full and happy.

Silence is the language of God.
From silence all sounds are born.
In silence I felt connected to something deeper than my little self.

That long silence retreat left a lasting impression.
Some day I hope to dip into a long silence again.
The saying, “Silence is golden,” is true.


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