Thought Bite: What is Meditation, and Why Do Emotional Purification?

A message from 2015 that I felt bears repeating.

The word meditation refers to both a process and a state of awareness.

The process consists of sitting, breathing, relaxing, and concentrating the mind.

The state of awareness called meditation is when the same thought flows in the mind, over and over, uninterrupted by a different thought, for an extended length of time, whether 3 seconds or 3 hours.

One can engage in the process of meditation with an agitated mind, and the mind will become calmer. But entering and staying in the state of awareness of meditation, with a single thought, is an advanced state and the mind has to be calm or the mind will not sit still. 

The need to have a calm mind to enter the state of meditation is why “emotional purification” is a crucial part of Yoga. Emotions agitate the mind and then meditation is a distant dream.  

So, the Himalayan Tradition teaches us to pacify our emotions so that our minds can settle and enter into the state of meditation.


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