Thought Bite: Stillness

A message from 2016 that I felt bears repeating.

Ours is an active world. Everyone is in motion all day long. We get things done. We go places. We work, play, and dance. This movement is an important part of life. 

But a life built on continuous motion is missing an essential element. It is missing stillness.

The great Himalayan sage Swami Rama said, "Power is in stillness as much as in movement."

Like its sister silence, stillness allows needed rest. In stillness, one can experience simply being. 

Swami Rama said, "When the body is still, you will find great joy and confidence. Learn to enjoy that stillness. No matter what joys you have experienced so far, the highest of all joys is in stillness."

 - Swami Rama, from Sadhana, The Essence of Spiritual Life, Pp. 84.


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