Thought Bite: Striving

The everyday world is one of striving.

Striving to earn a living; striving to raise a family; striving to remain healthy. But there is more to life than striving for personal motives.

Humans have another side, an inner dimension, a "True Self" that waits to be realized and lived, and that too requires attention and effort.

Swami Rama said, "There is no shortcut to Self-realization. The path must be followed with determination. Through self-discipline one must attain non-attached action, meditation, and contemplation. Actions performed with motives or desires do not lead to everlasting happiness. Yogis therefore devote their whole lives to performing actions without any desire to reap the fruits of their actions. Such great yogis lead society and live for the welfare of others, for they do not have any selfish desires." Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita, Pp. 307-308.

Without investing in our inner side, life becomes superficial and drained of juice. We can have balance in our lives by attending to both our outer and inner lives.


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