Thought Bite: Beyond the Maze of Life

Many years ago, when traveling in Arizona, I saw a design that the Navajo silversmiths sometimes put in their jewelry. The design was composed of a human figure in a maze.

Man in the Maze 2

This Man in the Maze image, to me, sums up the state of being human:  Each of us is born into a maze. These mazes are composed of the conditions and experiences of our lives, and everybody’s is different. Plopped down at birth into the world, seeking fulfillment, each of us tries to find a way through. Nobody can solve our maze for us. We each have to solve our own.

Solving a maze is difficult. Doing so takes time and effort. Many wrong turns are taken and many dead ends are reached. Sometimes it can seem like there is no way out. For some people, their maze is easier; for others more difficult.

We have our whole life to complete our maze.

Many do not find their way through.

Many do.

But even those who solve their maze do not find what they were looking for. Why? Because the world cannot give us true, lasting fulfillment.

This is why some, few, called yogis, do not seek to resolve the maze. Instead, they go inside, into the bindu, the central point that leads to the void, that leads to pure consciousness, where there is no maze, to find freedom and fulfillment.


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