Thought Bite: Where Are You Going?

It can be fun at times to simply wander without a plan or destination and experience whatever one happens upon. Such an unplanned wandering can be a sort of vacation. Yet few people would want to live their whole life in this way. Unfortunately, the truth is that most of us do live this way with regard to our spiritual goals.

Unless I set a spiritual destination, I’ll certainly end up someplace, but probably not where I want. Do you really want to have your unconscious habits determine your spiritual destination? Rather than living aimlessly in this regard, why not fix a preferred destination and move in that direction?

What spiritual level would you like to reach in this lifetime? Would you like to be more loving? More at peace? More joyous? Would you like to know yourself on the deepest level?

All of this is within your reach. But, doing so takes action and focus. One does not simply decide, "OK, now I'll be at peace," and it magically happens. Reaching a spiritual goal requires consistent and focused practice over a long time.

So if you'd like to find yourself in your later years being more happy, more loving, more peaceful — if you want to be freer and suffer less — set your goal, lay out the path, and begin practicing.


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