Thought Bite: Is God Male or Female?

Saraswati by Randall KrauseIn our Western culture, divinity, God, is often thought of as of the male gender. But, do you really think God is a man? One with a big white beard?

Some other spiritual paradigms envision God as female, as Goddess, as Shakti. So, is God a woman?

One can only know the answer through direct experience.

But, until that happens, it can be helpful to envision God in both male and female forms because doing so implies that God is not exclusively male or female, but something else; something that has no form and can take either male or female forms and exhibit both male and female qualities.

The great Himalayan sage Swami Rama often referred to God as the Center of Consciousness. Not male; not female; but pure being and consciousness. This Center of Consciousness is the essence of who we are, whether we have a male or female body.

So, the answer to the question, “Is God male or female?” is yes, and no.


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