Thought Bite: A Reminder About Why You Are Here

In his book, The Art of Joyful Living, Swami Rama gives some poignant advice:

swami rama rudder post

"Do not forget that life is only a journey, and you are a traveler. On this journey, you must have something solid for yourself, like an anchor or a firm rudder. If you lose your rudder, your boat will float aimlessly and you won't know where it is going. Your rudder in life is to remember that you are on a journey, and that this world is not your home."

He goes on, saying, "A seeker should think, I am only a guest here in this world. A guest cannot afford to be absurd with the host. What right have I to misbehave or to be greedy? I am on a journey and I must complete my journey."

From The Art of Joyful Living, Pp. 104.



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