Thought Bite: Your Crutches Handicap You

In his book, Samadhi—the Highest State of Wisdom, Swami Rama tells a story:

Someone went to a swami and said, "Sir, I have been dying to learn the method of meditation."

Swami said, "Go to a small room—not a big room. Don't hang any pictures in the room. Sit down there and meditate on a bull for seven days. Then you will learn the effects of meditation."

"Only the effects?"

He said, "No. You will realize what meditation is. First you will know, then I will give you the right method."

The man went there and after six days of intense meditation he said, "I cannot come out. My horns are too big. My body is huge."

He had assumed the form of a bull by meditating on a bull.

Swami Rama goes on, "At present you are doing the same thing. I am weak. I am weak. I am weak. You keep repeating this throughout the whole day. I can't do this. Honey, I am suffering. Please help. You lean on others. You are suffering because you are not tapping the resources within yourself."

When you discover your inner resources, you will find that you are very different than you thought.


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