Thought Bite: Miraculous Powers

Here’s a story from Swami Rama:

“Years ago my Rishikesh ashram was situated very close to the Ganges because at that time there was no barrage (dam—which now is down the river a bit from the ashram). Right in front of my ashram one leper had made a small hut for himself on the banks of the river. The reason he had settled there was to insult me from morning till evening. He omitted no one in his never-ending vocal abuses, including my mother and father.

In spite of this, every evening I would go to him and to give him milk and to bathe him. This continued for two years until one day a swami from the mountains came. He was a huge man, about six and a half feet tall, totally bald, and was wearing only a loincloth. He marched directly toward me and before he even reached me he angrily asked, “Who is doing all that shouting? It’s my meditation time. Tell him to stop.”

“If I tell him to stop he will also start to insult you.”

Without any hesitation that swami went over to the leper and kicked him hard. There was nothing I could do so I quietly said to him, “That was not a humane thing to do.”

He just glared at me and then walked away. I was feeling sorry for the leper because of his condition and because I had been looking after him. But when I went to meet him the next morning, I am giving you living testimony, there was no longer any sign of leprosy on his body! His whole body had healed, and he was completely healthy!”

Swami Rama goes on to tell that he searched for that swami but could not find him, but he did another who had such powers. He said that the power came from pranayama. The excerpt is from Sadhana, The Path to Enlightenment, Pp. 254-255.


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