Thought Bite: Taking Time for Silence

Before there is sound, there is silence. Silence is the ground from which sound arises and within which it is heard. It is said that the language of God is silence. Silence is a key to open the door to the Infinite.

So, if this is true, wouldn't it make sense to take some time to immerse the mind in silence? 

If you take time every day to wash your body and brush your teeth, why not also cleanse your mind of all the noise and chatter and let it be silent for some time.

A daily meditation practice is a way to do this. Yes, your meditation may be noisy, mine often is. But there are silent moments even when that happens, and by the end of the meditation practice period my mind is much quieter than it was at the beginning. 

Also, taking an extended silence retreat deepens the effect and allows greater access to a truly silent mind. It wasn't until I did a long silence retreat many years ago in India that I experienced a truly peaceful silent mind. It was delicious. So restful. So fulfilling. 

So find time for silence in your life. You'll be glad you did.


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
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