Thought Bite: Finding A Teacher

In his book, The Art of Joyful Living, Pp. 168, Swami Rama said, "You may have heard the phrase, 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears.' There are many such sages roaming around the world, burdened with the Truth. They are carrying Truth, and they want to pass it on, but they don't find students who are ready, so they continue to carry the burden."

Are you prepared?

Are you preparing yourself to receive the Truth these sages are wanting to pass on?

If you want to prepare yourself, establish a daily yoga-meditation practice and practice it with regularity and sincerity. Practice the Yamas and Niyamas and strive to purify your emotions. Don't do this to attract a teacher, but to please God or to serve humanity. Then, perhaps, someday, a true teacher will visit you.


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