Thought Bite: How to Make Your Personality Shine

According to Swami Rama, “The greatest obstacle to progress on the path is self-condemnation.” Sadhana, The Path to Enlightenment, Pp. 231.

Yoga is a path of self-study and in the process of studying your actions, habits, thoughts and emotions, you’ll likely find some things that you don’t like. When this happens, it’s easy to get down on oneself for what was found. But it is detrimental to do so.

Swami Rama says, “Don’t condemn yourself no matter how bad or how small you are, because there is always a chance to grow.”

If you condemn yourself, rather than growing, you’ll beat yourself down, deplete your energy, and won’t be able to do anything; that doesn’t in any way eliminate the problem. Instead, think of it this way: When your bathroom sink is dirty, you don’t beat it! Rather, you get out the cleanser and rags and you clean it; then it shines.

It’s the same with your personality. Simply see your less-than-desirable traits as dirt to be cleaned, and set about the cleaning. Create new traits, new grooves for the mind to flow along, and soon your personality will shine like that clean bathroom sink.


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