Thought Bite: A Contemplation on Your Ultimate Goal

Have you ever turned your awareness inside of yourself, and asked, “What is it that I ultimately seek, ultimately want to obtain in my life?”

Would you like to do so now?

the answer lies in youBefore you begin, here are two ground rules to follow in contemplating this question:

1)    Be assiduously honest with yourself. For example, you might say, “I’d like to feel pleasure.” But pleasure comes and goes. Is that really what you want? Also, if pleasure lasted and didn’t diminish, would you really like that? You might want something other than pleasure. Look deeper.

2)    Don’t give up until you obtain the ultimate answer, not a superficial answer. You might, for example, first think you want to be happy. But what does that mean? Look more deeply. What are the elements of this happiness? What does this happiness mean in terms of how you would experience it? Would it be momentary or lasting, moment to moment, even beyond death? Understand?

Once you have obtained your answer to the question of what you want, the next step is to contemplate on how to attain your goal. Is it attainable? Would it be attainable by moving and changing things in the world, or by changing something inside of yourself? Once again, be honest and look deeply.

When you get your answer, live with it for a few days. Ask yourself, from time to time, whether that’s really what you want.

Once you know your ultimate goal in life, when you need to make a decision, you can ask yourself which choice will take you toward your ultimate goal and which will lead you away from it. In this way, your knowledge of your ultimate goal can focus your life and lead you in the direction in which you wish to go.

If you’d like to share your answer with me, I’d be keen to read what you’ve come up with. Feel free to email me about it. 


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