Thought Bite: What is Your Intended Destination?

I'm 65 years old and have passed through many experiences and accomplished some of my life goals. It would be easy, now, to just coast on the momentum of previous years. But I wonder where I would end up. 

I have a thought that if there is a particular destination I want to reach, I have to actually set my course in that direction; just randomly wandering won't get me there. I might be wrong about this. It’s possible that I might end up at my preferred destination anyway, perhaps by chance or due to karmic predestination. But I’d rather not leave it up to fate.

No. If I want to get somewhere, I want to do my best to make it happen.

So, at this point in my life I’m re-assessing, looking at my goals, checking whether I’m headed in a direction that I want or not.

How about you? Where would you like to end up in your life? Do you ever think about this?

If not, I invite you to begin now. If you’d like support in doing this, you’re welcome to contact me. 


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