Thought Bite: Innies and Outies

Are you an innie or an outie?

I’m not talking about the type of belly-button you have, but about where you seek fulfillment. I’m also not talking about whether you are an extrovert or introvert. It is said that extroverts seek energy from people and introverts seek it inside themselves in solitude. But both of these personality types still seek fulfillment of desires in the world of things and so both are outies.

Innies on the other hand, are the rare individuals that absolutely know that chasing desires in the world of things will not satisfy them, and instead seek fulfillment exclusively from the eternal source of joy, wisdom and love within.

It is said in the Yoga science that for worldly people (outies), the faces of the chakras are turned outward through the senses to the world. But for the enlightened person (innie), the faces of the chakras are turned inward to the stream of the Kundalini; to the True Self.

Unlike outies, who go through constant cycles of desire, seeking, frustration (when desires are not fulfilled), momentary pleasure (when desires are fulfilled), and then more desire, and on and on - innies rest in unending joy, love and wisdom. Their eyes shine with joy, their voices soothe with love, they do actions in the world to help others because they have no personal desires. Out of compassion they give love and knowledge to the masses as a mother gives milk to her child.

The vast majority of us are outies. I too am one, although I’m on the inner path. I’m seeking the treasure that is hidden within and my goal is to reach that state where I will be free of the endless cycles of pleasure and pain of Samsara so I too can be like a tree giving shelter to others.

Along the way, I’d love to have your companionship on the path.


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