Thought Bite: Entropy and Consciousness

A friend contacted me after watching this video in which the narrator says that when, due to entropy, the universe expands to its greatest extent and reaches an entropy-equilibrium state, that "nothing like life or consciousness will be possible." My friend wanted to know what the view of Yoga is on that statement.

Here's my response:

This video reflects the view of modern Western science, which is based in matter. As you probably know, the material sciences like medicine only believe in what they can measure, and they believe consciousness is somehow created in the brain rather than existing separate from matter. Yoga has a different perspective.

According to The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there is consciousness, known as  Purusha, and there is matter, known as Prakriti. Thus, from a Yoga point of view, consciousness exists independently of matter and so, even if the universe were in an equilibrium state, consciousness would still exist.

Consciousness can't be killed because it was never alive; rather it is eternal. The material body is born and dies. Consciousness exists. But without consciousness, the body is dead. Both are needed, together, for the body to be living. When the body dies, consciousness is unchanged. 


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