Thought Bite: Free Yourself From Your Chains

Here is a story by Swami Rama:

I will tell you how powerful habit patterns are. My master used to love one of the rulers of India and he was one of the worst men I had ever met. He used to drink a lot. But whenever he felt any sadness he would come and sit near my master. Many times I asked my master, "Why do you allow this animal to come and waste your time?"

"Yes," he said. "You do not know. A part of this man is very good."

"Can you help him?" I asked.

He said, "I would like to, but he doesn't listen to anyone."

One morning my master suddenly said, "Look, such and such Maharaja ruler is going to die in an accident tomorrow. Let us protect him. At least let us do our own part."

I said, "If you want to protect him, then we should go. If you cannot, we should not go."

He said, "Let's go."

So he called the ruler and his wife both and said, "Sit down. I have never asked you for anything. Will you give me something if I ask you?"

They both said, "Yes. You can have our palace and our wealth."

He said, "No, I don't need that garbage. What shall I do with it? It is my order as your teacher, as your guru, or even as a stranger to tell you not to go out of your home tomorrow. Call your guards and everybody. You should be locked in your room and not allowed to go out. You are going to die tomorrow at five o'clock, and I want to protect you. I am fighting with death. Will you cooperate with me?"

They promised. I was sitting next to them. I quietly said to my master, "What is going to happen?"

He said, "I am doing my duty, but they will not listen to me."

I said, "What is the use of doing this?"

He said, "This will be a lesson for other students."

He was kept under lock and key and guards were deputed. My master said, "Look, guards. No matter what happens, no matter how much he screams, don't let him out."

That man used to keep one Colt pistol with him always. Even though he had guards, he still kept the pistol. And he was an alcoholic. So, at five o’clock he was supposed to die. At three o'clock he became insane and started drinking. He drank two bottles of whiskey and then he said, "I am your ruler. If you keep me captive, I will see that you are all put behind bars." And he told his wife, "You are my wife. Tomorrow I am getting married to another woman."

Everybody was afraid. They opened the lock. He pulled his wife by the hand into the car and started the car. "You are my wife. Be with me."

She knew that something was going to happen. It was at four-thirty that he started his car downhill and smashed the car. The car was completely smashed and they both were killed. My master and I was sitting somewhere. He said, "What shall I do? They would not listen to me." From Samadhi, The Highest State of Wisdom, Pp. 67-70.

Habits are strong. They can lead you to do self-destructive acts. But you are not destined to repeat these habits forever. You can change them. 

Swami Rama said, "To break a bad habit you need to form a good habit. Habits are very strong, but you can slowly change them. It may take time, but you can work with yourself. If you know how to deal with your unconscious mind, then you will know how to direct your conscious mind. You can change your entire personality by changing your habits and replacing them with different habits."  From Samadhi, The Highest State of Wisdom, Pp. 72.

There is a way. Yoga offers keys to enable you to free yourself from the chains of your old habits. 


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