Thought Bite: Śrī-Vidyā

In our modern world, it is common to assume that the science of physics discovers and makes plain the basic laws of the universe. But there is a deeper science of the Universe. It is called śrī-vidyā.

In his book titled Kundalini, Stilled or Stirred, Swami Veda Bharati says that śrī-vidyā is “the metascience that provides the rules by which all sciences operate and whereby the universe is governed.” Elsewhere, in his booklet, What is Shri Vidya: An Elementary Introduction, Swami Veda Bharati calls śrī-vidyā, “God’s science of the universe.” He goes on to say that learning śrī-vidyā is not like mastering physics, “because mastering śri-vidyā is mastering one’s own self. It is God’s science of the universe, God’s science of Self-Knowledge, that very Self-Knowledge where God within us also knows Herself.”

sri yantra captionedHow does God within us—the God we are in our essence—come to know Herself? Not through reading definitions or writing papers, but through concentration, contemplation and meditation. Through self-transformation.

Śrī-Vidyā is the science of energy fields, both of the physical universe and of the metaphysical universe. From one point of view, these energy fields are arranged in the chakras of the subtle body, which taken together, form one composite field. By entering the bindu-s, the central points of these chakras, with our entire mind, we attain the awareness of the great form of the universe.

This great science of Śrī-vidyā is a part of the Himalayan Tradition. On Saturday and Sunday, June 18 and 19th, 2016, Swami Ritavan Bharati and Pandit Harishankar Dabral led a brief seminar on śri-vidyā at The Meditation Center, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The seminar was not intended as an explanation of the science of śrī-vidyā, but rather was an opportunity to begin a practice that leads into the actual, internal knowledge of śrī-vidyā.  

On Saturday, Pandit Dabral described the attitudes and behaviors necessary to undertake the practice. Swami Ritavan explained the specifics of the mantra practice that was being given, led the students into a deep meditation, and gave a group initiation into the Bala Mantra. The students were advised to set a sankalpa to repeat the mantra 125,000 times in the coming year.

On Sunday, Pandit Dabral officiated a fire ritual, a homa, on the grass behind The Meditation Center, to officially begin the year-long practice of the Bala Mantra as had been laid out the previous day.

The two-day seminar was a powerful experience of deepening practice in the Himalayan Tradition. In a year, the next step may be given.

Those who were not able to attend the śrī-vidyā seminar may still join in the year long practice. Please contact The Meditation Center for further information.


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