Thought Bite: Initiation

The Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition is an initiatory tradition. Students of the tradition may elect to receive initiation, which marks the beginning of a deeper relationship between the initiate and the Tradition.

Initiation occurs on both the gross and subtle level. On the gross level, a personal mantra is given, which serves as a focus for meditation and may be kept in the mind at other times too. On the subtle level, the initiate becomes energetically linked to the Tradition. This linkage assists the initiate's journey to self-realization in many ways.

This past weekend, five people gathered at The Rancho Meditation Sanctuary in Encino, California, to receive mantra initiation. Each individually sat with the initiator, who herself was in deep meditation, and was initiated. Afterward, all of the new initiates gathered together in a group with the initiator and other initiates, and were led on a guided meditation. There was a sense of deep peace and love in the room. 

Afterward, the new initiates and teachers took food together, in the fresh air of the garden, and spoke of matters close to their hearts.


Initiation Retreat at Rancho Meditation Sanctuary



19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Full Moon Meditation 2020