Thought Bite: The Secret Choice

There are many choices in life, some affect our lives more than others. Most people are familiar with important choices like choosing a relationship partner, whether and when to have children, what to do as a career. These often seem like the most important decisions in life. But there is another choice, with far reaching repercussions, that few people even consider.  This choice is hidden, in a way, because it’s not about what to do or get in this life. Rather, it’s about whether to seek the treasure - the Center of Consciousness - that is hidden within.

We can live perfectly well without seeking this treasure. Most people do.

But by not making this choice, we’re missing out on the true fullness that life offers. It is only when we seek the true meaning of life that we can attain what is beyond form and circumstance and become free of the cycles of pleasure and pain and of birth and death.

Making this choice is not something we do on the outside. Nobody else needs to know. It’s completely an internal action. Actually, keeping it a secret empowers it. You can tell people you’re on the path; but you don’t need to make a show of it.


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
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