Thought Bite: Instant Yoga Teachers?

In our instant this and that world, many people attend mini Yoga teacher training courses. Many of these courses are only two weeks long and at the end they give their students a certificate as a Yoga teacher. But what can someone teach after only a two-week training?

Learning is not just a matter of acquiring information. We have to practice enough to make what we’ve learned a part of us. In addition, since the true goal of Yoga is self-transformation, that is, moving from identifying with the ego-self to identifying with the True-Self, simply learning how to teach some techniques (postures, breathing practices, etc.) does not make one a teacher who can support others in their own transformation.

To be able to guide self-transformation, one must first go through his or her own transformation. This takes time - years; maybe a lifetime. It can’t be taught, and it definitely doesn’t happen in a two-week long Yoga teachers training course.

Many years ago, when I was very new in Yoga, I went to my preceptor, Dr. Ushurbudh Arya (who was later known as Swami Veda Bharati), and asked him if I could teach relaxation. He said, "to teach relaxation you must first be relaxed." Clearly I wasn't. So, before teaching, my first job was to learn to relax myself. To be relaxed, myself. It took years of doing practice to learn how to do that even a little bit. 

So if you want to be a Yoga teacher, start practicing with an intention to know and master yourself on all levels. Enter the process of Yoga not to make money as a teacher but to transform. As you observe a radical change for the better in yourself, as you become more calm, clear minded, focused, loving, and emotionally stable, then you'll have something to teach. You don't have to wait until you're enlightened to begin teaching, but certainly wait until you can see results in yourself so you know what the practices do and what transformation is. 

Then, if you still wish to teach, you will have something valuable to share with your students. 


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