Thought Bite: Train of Thought

For most of my life, until recently, I had a bad habit. The habit was this: when a train of thought arose that I knew from the start would lead downward into unhappiness and upset, I felt like I had to stay with these thoughts and argue with them to defeat or understand them.

Only recently have I learned that if a train of thought is leading in the wrong direction, I don’t have to stay with it.

At times I’ve traveled in countries where trains are a common mode of travel. If I accidentally boarded a train traveling in the wrong direction, I wouldn’t stay on it. Rather, I’d step down and find a train going to my intended destination.

But somehow, when the train was a series of thoughts in my mind, I felt bound to finish the ride.

Observing this tendency in myself, I noticed that when I stick with the train of thought in this way, it invariably leads me through a painful and time wasting journey, which, at best, I abandon at the end, having wasted precious time that can never be recaptured.

So why not abandon it at the beginning?  This is my new commitment.

How about you? 


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Full Moon Meditation 2020