Thought Bite: Dying Well

It is a fact of life that everyone dies. Although uncomfortable to even think about, dying is a fact of life. But we have some choice in whether death is a fearful, painful experience or simply a letting go and going on to the next stop in an infinite journey.  

According to Swami Rama in his book, Sacred Journey, Living Purposely and Dying Gracefully, "If a person has not controlled the body or the mind, nor channeled the urges for food, sleep and sex, then the moment of death will be beyond his control. All the unfulfilled desires, all the fears, and all the tendencies to want to satisfy one's urges willfully abound at the time of death, as undisciplined as they were throughout life."

"However, the person who has led a disciplined life and has learned to let go of attachments, can pass gracefully from this life into the next. This person can leave like a guest who knows the visit is over...With an exhalation she departs."

So we have a choice. What do you choose?


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