Thought Bite: The First Step

In his book, Sacred Journey, Swami Rama says that "Fear is removed and life is enjoyed only when there is a purpose in life." So, to enjoy life more, "we need to ask ourselves if life has a purpose." 

Usually, individuals begin to ask this question after experiencing great pain, from the loss of a central relationship or important material belongings. One may think, "If wealth, fame, and power do not give happiness, then what does?"

Asking this question is a crucial step toward finding true happiness. Just by asking it, one begins to broaden his perspective on life. Soon, a suspicion may arise that there is more to life than grasping at things and relationships, and this may motivate action to find the answer.  

As Swami Rama says, "The exploration begins by establishing the philosophy that there may be something more to life." That philosophy gives us a direction, and it gives life more meaning. From it we develop an intention to learn and grow and this, alone, raises our spirits.

Contemplating our new philosophy, we may begin to see the world through new eyes. As we come to understand the ephemeral nature of things, rather than grasping as much at them for our pleasure, we may begin "to detect that it is not owning and keeping the things of the world that matters, but something else—perhaps giving and letting go."

The first step on the way to Truth is crucial. Once on the path, it's easier to take more steps. Thus the spiritual quest begins.


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