Thought Bite: Continue The Practices

After Swami Veda Bharati dropped his body, a student wrote the following (paraphrased) question to me. My response follows.


When Swami Veda dropped his body, did he leave any directions as to what we do now? Do we continue the mantra he gave us at the beginning of his five year vow of silence? I feel a little lost without him. It was nice to know there was such a holy spirit with us, rooting us on the path. Is it true that we can still connect with him in meditation?


Swami Veda was a shining light who gave constantly to his students and to the world. We all have been so fortunate to be the recipients of his loving service. Yet this was not something that Swami Veda was doing on his own. He was serving the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition and that Tradition, that stream of love, knowledge, and wisdom continues. It continues through the teachers, through the books, through the recordings, and through the inner silence. 

The teacher is important, and most of the wisdom and knowledge comes to us in meditation. As Swami Veda often said, the true teaching happens in the silence (of meditation).

So, stay connected; continue the practices. 

You called Swami Veda a holy spirit. He was, and as you know, the Holy Spirit exists inside of each of us. That's where we find it; that's where it teaches us. 

You asked whether you can connect on the inside with Swami Veda now. Do the practices and find out what you experience.


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