Thought Bite: Are You an Outsider or an Insider?

The great Himalayan Sage, Swami Rama, said that “A human being is a citizen of two worlds.” They are the outer-world and the inner-world. 

The outer-world is “full of profusion and confusion.” It is the world of the body, of the senses, of desires, goals, pleasures and pains. The outer-world is where most of us place all of our attention nearly all of the time.

But the external world cannot truly satisfy us. It is changeable and fleeting: All material things pass, and any pleasures based on external conditions are short-lived.

inner world and outer worldThere is, however, the inner-world, where can be found the internal Self and true peace, happiness and bliss. The inner realm is the source of blessings that fill the emptiness we feel from the outer-world. 

Are you an Outsider or an Insider? If your attention is all in the outer-world, you’re an outsider. Swami Rama says that outsiders suffer a lot, but insiders can attain emancipation and enlightenment.

If you’re an outsider, and would like to change that status, Yoga-meditation is a way to discover and take up residence in the inner-world.

The path is isn’t easy. It requires learning to focus your awareness, pacify the emotions, and overcome the tendency of the mind to grasp at the external world.

But it can be done. 

Also, you don’t have to completely shift from outside to inside. Swami Rama says that “fortunate few are those who successfully create a bridge between the two realms, within and without.” You can claim your full dual-citizenship and have the best of both worlds. 


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