Thought Bite: A Still Point

The world is full of random events and it's easy to get swept into inner chaos. When this happens, life feels hectic and unsatisfying. But it doesn't have to be that way.

If you sit and allow your mind to become still at least once a day, then, although the events of the day may be chaotic, you can maintain an inner calm center.

Hurricane winds have tremendous force, but are still in the storm’s eye.

A daily stillness practice cultivates an inner still point around which all the activity of the day may revolve, while you remain peaceful in your inner-eye.

Such a calm center enables you to gain perspective on your life that you don’t have when engaged in nonstop doing.

If you take a glass of colored water and add a single drop from a vial of bleach to it, the water in the glass turns clearer. It’s the same with your mind. Add a drop of serenity to your mind by bringing it to calmness once a day, and the opaqueness of your mind clarifies.

Want it clearer? Sit longer and more often.

Why go through life haphazardly, like a pachinko ball bouncing, when, with serenity, your course becomes straighter, simpler, more pleasing?

A daily stillness practice is like a warm and kind friend, nurturing, allowing rest, feeding. Even a giant rocket sits on the launch pad, very still, while being fueled before launching. Do we want to launch into our day without the benefit of such stillness?

So sit quietly at least once a day. Have a still point in your life. 


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