Thought Bite: How To Know Peace

So many things clamor for our attention: Colors and shapes dance before our eyes; sounds soothe and agitate; hunger pangs move us, desires motivate us; discomfort stimulates us. We are busy with relationships, busy recreating, and busy being busy. We are being creative, doing projects, and working on deadlines. We sell, buy, experience, feel, think, and do infinitely more.

Each of these activities has its importance and place in our lives.

Yet in doing so much, being so active, might we be missing something?

The answer is yes. We are missing something. There is another part of life that is easy to miss because it is the stage upon which all of our activities occur.

This stage is the stillness and silence out of which, and within which, all activities occur.

Words come out of silence. Movements come out of stillness.

This silence and stillness may be called peace, and this peace is the substratum of the entire universe. Peace is in the space between objects, in the silence between words and thoughts, and in the vastness between the protons and electrons that are the building blocks of matter.

Free of time, free of change, this peace is within everything and surrounds everything.

We are born out of this peace, and die back into it. Oddly, in our constant activity between these two endpoints of our lives, we remain needlessly unaware of peace.

Our religions talk about peace, but do not guide us as to how to experience it; and, there is a way to experience it.

This way is known as meditation.

In meditation, our awareness is brought to a single point and kept there. As we do so, the mind starts to settle down from all of its constant activity and at some point we begin to experience peace. Just moments, fleetingly, at first. However, with sustained, sincere practice over time, this tiny bit of peace may expand until one can immerse one’s awareness in the peace for longer - timeless - periods.

It is in this peace that we can find true rest and true happiness. Immersion in this soothing peace washes off the pains and stains that have accumulated in the mind from all our activities and this makes us far more able to experience joy and delight.

Through meditation, we may experience the true fullness of life.


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