Thought Bite: In Memory of Willem Meijer

WillemI first met Willem, several years ago, when he began creating the website. Willem knew that I'd started the website and contacted me to talk about designing a website. We had a very pleasant talk, and I greatly enjoyed talking with him.He created a very nice website. Some years later, I met Willem, in person, at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, where we were both on retreat. Once again, it was a pleasure to talk with him. Unfortunately, Willem and I didn't cross paths often enough. Some time after seeing him in India, he told me he was having some heart troubles. Yet, over the years, Willem continued to serve the Himalayan Tradition. A few years ago, we ran into each other at a retreat outside of London. Willem had a whole room full of CDs he'd created of talks and lectures by Swami Veda Bharati and others.

Willem's kindness and friendship touched my heart and made a positive difference in my life. I'm grateful for having known him and feel sad at the thought of not running into him again.

Randall Krause

 Received the news yesterday that my friend Willem Meijer from the Netherlands left his body suddenly in his sleep. Willem struggled through a difficult beginning to reach a pretty joyful place in life. He was a talented rock musician early in his adult life (playing for audiences in the six figures) and became an economics professor before retiring last year. He was always hard at play finding any way he could to bring yoga to the world through his teaching in the Utrecht area, through training yoga and meditation teachers, through the website, through working with organizations and conducting retreats, and by leading groups on pilgrimage to India. And for all our collegial work, he was a friend. Willem learned the art of keeping a joyful mind no matter what and life seriously tested him on this the last few years. He was also very practical and matter of fact about life. I am certain that is how he greeted whoever came to call on his sleep that night. Help us carry your joyful practicality forward in life, Willem. I look forward to our next meeting...

Stephan Anthony Parker (Stoma)


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