Thought Bite: A black man's journey toward wisdom and peace through meditation

Pathless path: God, Grace, Guru, by Charles B. Crenshaw

This wonderful, well written, friendly book narrates the author's spiritual journey as well as his maturation as a person. The author's experiences with his meditation master are fascinating, and the book is full of gems of wisdom. His descriptions of the experiences of racism he encountered, and the effect they had on him, gave me a deeper and clearer understanding of the violence of bigotry. It was through growth in spiritual understanding and insight, brought about by his relationship with his teacher and his own meditation, that helped him deal with these experiences. I looked forward to reading the book every evening before sleep and wanted more when I reached the book's end.

For anyone who has an urge to know their true selves, who feels pulled to the path of meditation, this is a fantastic read.


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