Thought Bite: Take Responsibility For Your Life

In his book titled, Sacred Journey, the great Himalayan sage Swami Rama writes, "...take responsibility for your own life." So many people, he says, are in the "habit of blaming someone else or something else for their unfortunate situations." But blaming solves nothing. Instead, he says, "let go of blaming. There is nothing in your life that is not your choice, your doing, your karma."

This may sound harsh, but it is a liberating reality. This is because each of us has the power to change our choices, to do differently, and to create new karma that results in different experiences down the road.

Karma isn't fate. It's not out of our hands. The word "karma" means action. We get the results of our actions. If we don't like our current circumstances, which are the result of past actions, then we can change our actions.

Swami Rama goes on to say that the circumstances we find ourselves in, "are the opportunities we have created for our growth." How are uncomfortable circumstances opportunities for growth? They are because we don't like them and they strongly attract our attention.

When we understand that these circumstances are the result of our karma, and, thus, spring from our past actions, then we can take responsibility for creating new karma that leads to more desirable circumstances in the future.


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