Thought Bite: The Answer is Inside

Many people face times in their lives when they feel lost, and don't know what to do. Perhaps all of us have had these times. But there is always one who can guide us. That one is inside of us. Our inner guide. It is the source of our own intelligence, wisdom and intuition. If we can access this guide, it will guide us.

One time, many years ago, a friend of mine had lost his job and didn't know what to do. Then he had a thought: "I know a great Yoga master who is very wise. If I go to him, he'll guide me as to what to do." Sometime afterward, my friend managed to get an appointment to see the Master, and was ready to ask for his guidance. He went to his appointment, and was shown into the great man's quarters. As my friend entered the room, before he could open his mouth to ask his questions, in a loud and commanding voice, the Master said "Just do something! Now go!" That was it.

So the guidance my friend got from the Master was not what he expected. He was thrown back onto himself, so he could find his inner guide. That was many years ago. Since then my friend has done many things, including developing a successful business. He laughed when he told me the story.


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